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Fresh juices and smoothies both offer nutritional benefits. Each, however, has distinct advantages. When you want to boost your intake of fresh vegetables and fruits, juicing is a good way to achieve that goal. If you need an on-the-go meal or snack that provides nutrients to keep you feeling full, smoothies are an excellent choice.

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Word from Ross, the CEO:


"There was a time when I was skeptical about juicing and thought a milk shake was a smoothie, then I started to see the changes in my brother’s health and attitude after he had been juicing for a while. With his help and a couple of recipes, my life changed.  Some of the obvious changes were weight loss, all day energy and a decrease in my stress level. Over all I felt like a new, confidant and healthy person. Then my dad at 64 years of age, 240 pounds and stage one lung and kidney cancer joined the juicer club which kept his body strong to handle treatment and lost about 60 pound plus he now exercises. Even this does not compare to the thousands of the incredible stories out there. So we decided to share our experience and passion through JuiceBox, bringing you some of the most delicious, nourishing, crave-worthy, healthy smoothies, juices and acai bowls made from all natural organic when possible fresh fruits and veggies with no added sugar, filler or artificial flavor."

JuiceBox is for anyone looking to get a real taste of what fruits and vegetables are like when it comes together in a well thought out menu.

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